Stupid radar


Had the same problem on a jet for like 2 weeks and could not figure it out for shit.  This is Jeff trying

Promo success!

Yesterday was very exciting! It uncovered a lot of creative ideas working with different people. The next one will be bigger and better. Come check me out next time!

Show me the light

Life as I know doesn’t move like I want it to anymore. 2009 I had everything I wanted in order and what I didn’t have was on the marks ready set to go on command but now my future in in the hands of fate and I think that’s how he wants it. never get comfortable he says because once I do u don’t want to leave

Lexi ALi – The Symbol


The model, the hostess, the promoter, the symbol, the body, the beautiful, add her on FaceBook



Wow!!! need i say more?

Do you know me?

I just wondering who actually comes to this blog and will actually read what i have to say? Post back!